Why Should I Choose Online Tutoring?

When children have lack of confidence in the classroom, or are struggling to keep up with their peers, need help preparing for exams or are dealing with a learning difficulty, maybe it’s time for parents to arrange for them to see a private tutor outside of school. Good option is to look for ONLINE tutoring services.

Online Tutors provide the extra scaffolding that less able students may require and can also encourage gifted children by introducing them to more advanced topics not covered in a school curriculum. By working one-on-one, tutors are able to go over content at a pace that is right for every child.

They can also assist with school assignments and help enforce good study habits, including setting smart targets which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Relevant in a given Time period.

Parents have many options today when it comes to finding the right tutor. Some families will prefer remote tutoring via an online platform, whereas others are looking for services that take place at a local school or library or in their own or the tutor’s home. Right now, due to the situation with the COVID-19 ,which caused school closures and other restrictions such as quarantine etc., parents are increasingly choosing online tutoring as a way to keep their children up to date with school obligations.

Depending on student’s needs, tutors can help when they need to re-sit an exam where the tutor should be able to provide targeted instruction on reading and listening comprehension strategies. Tutors need a general knowledge of the school curriculum, so as to provide assistance across several subjects or expertise in a skill, such as teaching composition in order to improve writing skills for example.

However you proceed, it’s important to consider why you want a tutor in the first place and remember that paying for extra support will not guarantee overnight success. Tutoring is a long-term strategy and there are other factors, such as motivation, self-efficacy, and in some cases reversing negative associations with learning, that will play a part in the progress your child makes.

How we learn

Sociocultural theory posits that learning is intrinsically social. We learn through interacting with others who are more skilled or knowledgeable than us. Nonetheless, it’s important for material to be within our grasp in order for learning to occur and tutoring to be effective. In other words, material should be at i+1 or one step beyond a child’s current level.

Online tutors also reinforce study habits. Some children struggle not with a particular subject matter but rather with the time management and planning skills needed to perform school related tasks in an efficient and effective way.

Tutors can help teach these skills and set up structures, such as a calendar or folder system, that will help keep students organized and on track. It may also be the case that children are overwhelmed and need assistance breaking a task into more manageable steps that can be repeated and/or completed gradually.

Receiving individualized feedback and approaching tasks in a step-by-step manner can help a child feel more confident, build up motivation and master the kind of self-directed learning skills he or she will need to be successful.

What to consider

Depending on the situation, parents may be looking for a tutor to assist a child in catching up, maintenance tutoring to help a child stay on track, support which provides a mixed approach, test preparation or tutoring aimed at enriching a child’s understanding of a certain topic.

Passion Positive emotions and enthusiasm are catchy. It’s easier to motivate students and get them excited about learning when a tutor is passionate about what he or she does. Look for educators who thrive on helping students achieve success, or in the case of enrichment tutoring, are enthusiasts when it comes to a particular subject matter.

Personality Sometimes finding the right tutor comes down to personality, particularly if a child has already formed negative associations with school or has had difficulty working with tutors in the past. If the first tutor you hire doesn’t seem to be the right fit for your child, look for someone new. Learning is social and if the interaction is not conducive to learning then the relationship is not worth pursuing.

Convenience Children have busy schedules and parents who are struggling to keep up with their kids’ after-school commitments may find that driving an hour for weekly tutoring sessions simply isn’t practical. It’s easier for your child to meet with their tutor online at the times he or she prefers. If you can’t do weekdays then you can manage to set their classes on weekends.

Where to look


Technology has made it much easier to find tutors who specialize in certain subjects. When comparing online platforms, consider the kind of interaction you’re looking for, as well as the different tools (video-chat, messaging, whiteboard) that tutors and students will have access to in order to facilitate learning.

Deciding to go for aN online tutor may mean your child gains discounted access to helpful tools and services, such as computer programs where they can start developing technology and literacy skills for example.


At Futurelink, you can find everything in one place. One-on-one personalized tutoring can be the best option to begin with.

What makes Futurelink unique is that our tutors have one goal: to transform students into innovators, problem solvers and critical thinkers. We are providing our students with access to specialized educational experiences that give them the preparation necessary to be competitive in a rapidly growing workforce, now and for the future.

Through our exceptionally trained staff, services and content, students develop a diverse set of skills that will make them uniquely capable of success in school, college, business and life. To best serve our students needs, Futurelink offers variety of services spanning accross Personalized Tutoring and Courses.

We fire up the imagination, stimulate learning, connect inquisitive minds, and apply hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) learning in ways that keep students engaged, invigorated and inspired.

Sources used: Readandspell.com How to find a good tutor

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