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Video Production and Editing for Beginners

In today’s world of Youtube, anyone with the right skills can become the star of their own vlog, shorts, tutorials, etc. This Video Production and Editing Course introduce students to concepts of storytelling, filmmaking and digital editing which they can pair with their own fun ideas. Course Highlights: Introduces the video production process, Helps kids record dynamic video and clear audio, Teaches video editing, Teaches how to export a movie for web platforms like YouTube and Kids apply the production process skills acquired, to develop a video of their own. Prerequisite: Understanding of windows operating system, Ages 8+. Course Highlights: Practice trimming clips, adding transitions, titles, credits, etc. Adding music, or other audio to the video, Students produce a finished video of their own with music, titles, credits, etc. that is formatted to be shared on Youtube.

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Cost: $125

Duration: 4 weeks

Date: TBA

Location: Corona

Time: Saturday, 2:30-3:20PM

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