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STEM tutoring

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Futurelink understands the struggles of the uncertain and ever-changing education system. Through our one-on-one hour-long tutoring sessions, we aim to ensure students excel in their academics and are given the strategies and tools needed to overcome obstacles.

Through our FREE initial consultation, Futurelink tutors are able to develop custom mentorship plans personally designed for each student. Tutors simplify complex topics into easy-to-understand concepts, leveraging multiple learning styles based on the student's needs. We remain committed to inspiring success and giving students the skills and knowledge that they need to succeed.

Approach & Benefits

Our unique approach is designed to guide students to the point at which they become independent learners by helping them:

  • Develop necessary skills

  • Achieve crucial learning milestones

  • Improve test scores, grades, and confidence.

STEM tutoring

Learning Steps

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Staying on Track

Perfect for students who need a refresher on single subjects or minimal guidance with school work. 

Single-Subject Focus

Perfect for students who need focused help or are looking to accelerate their knowledge in a single subject.

Get Caught Up

Perfect for students who may be falling behind or have several missing assignments. Students will develop learning habits.

Academic PA
STEM summer camps

Perfect for students who need daily attention to stay on top of their work and intensive academic growth. 

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Single subject help

Extra practice

Asking the right question

Test/Quiz Prep

Calendar planning skills

Tracking deadlines skills

Help on missing assignments

Online Learing help

Daily zoom check-in

College prep

Organizational skills

Communication skills

staying on track


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single subject focus


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get caught up


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academic pa


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