The Perks of Afterschool Programs

We know that between certain hours of the day, our kids are being stimulated and nurtured academically. But, what about that liaison period between when parents are home from work and kids get off the bus? This time varies slightly, but 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM is the time slot we’re referencing. Directly after school, students have reported participating in many activities, some of which include TV, video games, and physical activity near the bottom. Even lower on the totem pole of activities lies the “enrichment” category. This includes homework, reading, and even playing instruments. In a report released by the Federal Reserve, “Overall, enrichment activities comprise about 3 percent of total time use, substantially less than TV and other passive leisure activities (11 percent) or play and social activities (7 percent).” Let’s hear that one more time. Only 3% of time is spent on quality enrichment, including homework! 

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. Afterschool programs have been developed to provide our kids with a little extra gift of quality time. Studies have shown that children who participate in afterschool programs display an array of benefits. Students even develop better social and cognitive skills, including intrinsic motivation. Not only are your kids in a safe and responsible environment, but they are learning valuable personal skills that will continually guide them throughout life. Here are some of the core benefits of enrolling your child in an afterschool program and some of the wonderful outcomes to anticipate.

  • Academic Support. A national evaluation found that more than 40 percent of students attending 21st Century Community Learning Center programs improved their reading and math grades, and that those who attended more regularly were more likely to make gains. 
  • Social and Emotional Development. With an improvement in an overall self-worth generated by high-quality afterschool programs, students have developed even greater relationship-building skills, like empathy. 
  • Safety. Adult supervision decreases risk of incident on average. With a large group of children under 10 being left either alone or under the care of slightly older siblings, risk rises considerably. 
  • Participation. Students who routinely participated in an afterschool program were more likely to participate in class, like we mentioned before. This goes even deeper with children also being less likely to miss class or dropout of school entirely. 
  • Job Market Exposure. Programs of high caliber possess the ability to expose students to the real world and the workforce. The development of 21st-century skills is crucial to participating in the modern job market. By providing students with internships and other on-the-job style experience leads to higher employment rates as their age increases.

STEAM Club is an excellent afterschool program designed to empower students and stimulate curiosity. Our engaging, hands-on lessons teach kids 21st-century skills and link science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in a relatable format. Our students participate in various projects, such as creating their lava lamp and slime, which teaches foundational concepts such as chemistry and biology. Offering virtual and two in-person locations, Futurelink serves the Riverside and Corona school districts with afterschool programs from 4:30 PM-5:30 PM (PST). Some benefits of the afterschool STEAM Club include:

  • Explore the subject concepts with fun interactive activities
  • Gain deeper understanding and appreciation for STEAM
  • Develop critical 21st century skills
  • Interaction with like-minded peers
  • Learn to investigate diverse subjects
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Build the foundation for STEM competency
  • Experience STEM through inquiry-based learning
  • Explore their curiosity & creativity

STEM Inventor Club is another innovative afterschool program catering to your child’s inner inventor. This program utilizes projects to create fun inventions, such as an electronic bat, trash bin, and other fun electronic devices. Futurelink uses inquiry-based learning to unlock your child’s creativity and promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Weekly sessions enable your students to experience high-quality academics in-depth and in a friendly, safe environment. Bonus: Each student enrolled receives a free STEM Inventor’s kit (valued at $70). By joining our young inventor’s club, you gain:

  • Understand the design thinking process and invention cycle
  • Learn about the Engineering Design Process (EDP)
  • Explore ideas through real-world mini-challenges and hands-on projects
  • Get inspired through the power of innovation mindset and STEM concepts
  • Brainstorm ideas for solutions and build innovative prototypes
  • Improve confidence in presenting their creative prototypes and projects
  • Work in collaboration with other peers to improve interpersonal skills
  • Develop 21st-century skills that are highly valuable in everyday life as well as future careers

Click here now to check out our current afterschool schedules and sign up. October 5th is the deadline to sign up, so hurry and let’s unleash your child’s potential today! 

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