Futurelink was founded out of the belief that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) literacy is the key to success for the future. We are focused on inspiring and empowering students of ages 6+ to embrace the technology/STEAM revolution through our unique approach bringing fun, excitement, and learning together.  Our one of a kind indoor STEAM PlayZone is a perfect combination of education and fun where kids ages 7-12 can explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math related hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations. We offer a wide range of courses and boot camps, teaching coding, robotics, engineering, MS Office, typing, and more to kids, teens, and adults. For middle and high schoolers, we offer comprehensive classes designed to accelerate their knowledge and improve their confidence in core academic STEAM subjects like Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Language Arts, as well as enrichment workshops in technology, professional development, and the arts. We focus on teaching in an interdisciplinary and interconnected manner: meaning that we teach how concepts are linked between all of the STEAM subjects, ensuring that our students can apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems throughout their lives.

The numbers show that STEAM focused education has tangible benefits for students today:

  • Between 2017 and 2027, the number of STEAM jobs will grow 13 percent, compared to 9 percent for non-STEAM jobs (Via Change the Equation)
  • Out of 100 STEAM occupations, 93% of them had wages above the national average.
    • The national average for STEAM job annual salaries is $87,570, where the national average for non-STEAM occupations sits at roughly half—$45,700. (Via the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

While STEAM opportunities are growing at an unprecedented rate, the education system in the United States is not keeping pace and preparing students to enter this in demand and lucrative field, despite high levels of student interest in these fields. 48% of U.S. students indicated to testing giant ACT that they wanted to pursue STEAM education in 2016 (via ACT), yet, 78% of high school graduates don’t meet benchmark readiness for one or more college courses in mathematics, science, reading, or English (via Smithsonian). One of our driving motivations at Futurelink is to close that gap between interest and readiness.

So how can we close that gap? By providing kids and teens with a solid foundation of knowledge and skill in STEAM subjects, nurturing their interests and passion, and empowering them to follow their skills and interests as they prepare for college and to enter the workforce. Our hands-on, inquiry based approach,  the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff and instructors, all of whom have a background in STEAM industry and education, and our innovative learning techniques all work to create excitement in our students and drive them forward, setting and exceeding their goals. The future lies in STEAM—and we want to support the next generation to meet that future.