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At Futurelink, we believe that education and industry should work hand-in-hand to prepare students for successful careers. That’s why our mission is to bridge the gap between the two, and provide students with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their future careers.


College Profile Assessment

We offer the Myers Briggs Strong Interest Inventory College Profile assessment to schools and students. This assessment helps students uncover their strengths and interests, connecting them with potential careers that align with their unique qualities.

Students gain valuable insights into potential career paths that align with your unique qualities, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future.

Evaluate students’ skills, preferences, and aspirations to identify academic paths that resonate with their interests and goals.

Students make well-informed decisions about selecting relevant courses, activities, and internships. Assist in aligning their educational experiences and career goals, ensuring that each choice contributes to their personal and professional growth.

Students gain a deeper understanding of how their strengths and interests relate to their studies, allowing them to approach their education with enthusiasm and dedication.

Students can identify areas where they excel and can develop strategies to build on their strengths, setting a solid foundation for achieving their long-term career aspirations.

Futurelink Industry Explorer Program

Your Pathway to a Rewarding Career

Designed for students and recent graduates, we connect you with top companies and industries, even if you lack experience. We identify your potential, provide training, and create growth plans for your success. Join us and unleash your professional potential!



Our College Profile Assessment is a comprehensive tool that analyzes an individual's interests and motivations and aligns them with suggested career paths, occupations, and majors. Furthermore, it offers guidance on the relevant courses and academic pursuits necessary to pursue those suggested fields and careers.
Absolutely! Our assessments are designed to benefit both prospective and current students. By taking the assessment, students can gain valuable insights and guidance on the best classes and steps to take in order to explore and achieve their career goals.
Yes! Our Industry Explorer Program is designed to bridge the experience and skills gap between education and industry. We welcome individuals of any experience level to participate.

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