Soft Skills


Soft skills are most important traits that can make or break your career. Having the right mindset and skills will not only set you apart from your competition, but it will also increase chances for career advancement. This workshop is carefully crafted by our expert career and life coaches to focus on mindset growth, reliability, interpersonal skills, and collaboration skills that every employer is looking for in today’s diverse work environment. This workshop will equip individuals to be a successful and dependable team player, effective communicator, and productive member of the team. 

Age: 16
Time: 2 hours



Basic writing and reading comprehension of English or Spanish 


  • Understand the 21st century’s diverse workplace environment 
  • Learn the importance of being dependable & how to cultivate work ethics in daily life 
  • Learn tips and techniques to be a productive team player and work efficiently with diverse team members 
  • Understand why flexibility, agility, and adaptability will help you navigate the unknown and achieve desired results 
  • Learn the most common interpersonal skills such as, active listening, respect, leadership types, and conflict resolution. 


Dependability & Work Ethics 

Understand the importance of soft skills in today’s diverse workforce 

Work ethic, Dependability & Commitment 

The power of time management 

The Power Of Teamwork 19 

Learn the importance of teamwork 

Learn ways to become a productive team player 

➢ Learn tools and techniques of effective team building. 

Effective Communication 

Learn about importance and types of communication. 

Learn the most common communication pitfalls 

Learn tools and strategies to improve communication skills to gain support from peers 

Flexibility & Agility 

➢ Foster cross cultural understanding at workplace 

➢ Learn how flexibility will help you find a common ground and achieve desired result 

Power of Interpersonal Skills 

Understand the importance of interpersonal skills 

Cultivate the power of active listening 

Understand different types of leadership and how to navigate various types of personalities