Resume Building Workshop


A resume is an important tool that allows individuals to market their qualifications, skills, and qualities to get an interview. If you are entering the workforce for the first time or advancing your career path, a resume is the most critical document every employer in every industry requires. This workshop is designed very carefully keeping industry demands in mind. This workshop will take participants through a self-assessment and self-reflation journey, enabling participants to learn job market requirements, types, style, structure, components, pitfalls, and tailoring techniques to create a winning resume from scratch. At the end of the workshop, participants will have functional resumes and cover letters to enter the job market.

Ages: 16
# of sessions: 1

Duration: 2 hours



Computer Basics and Windows 10 

Basic writing and reading comprehension


  • Learn the structure, purpose, and components of an effective resume. 
  • Learn to create a resume from scratch. 
  • Understand the use of action words. 
  • Learn the PAR techniques to tailor resumes. 
  • Understand resume pitfalls and how to avoid a resume disaster. 
  • Learn to create an effective cover letter. 


➢ Purpose & types of resumes 

Structure and components of a resume 

➢ Rules and style of resumes 

Techniques to find your core strengths. 

➢ Techniques to create a storyline. 

➢ Content layout tips 

➢ Most effective action verbs 

Tailoring your resume and PAR method 

➢ Resume Do and Don’ts 

➢ All about references 

Finalizing your resume 

Creating an effective Cover letter