Excel for Business


Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program in any industry for any kind of data analysis work. That makes Excel extremely valuable for many businesses to record expenditures and income, analyze data, chart data and succinctly present data in visual format. This part of the workshop will enable students to understand and have a working knowledge of different features of Microsoft Excel. Students will also learn to use Microsoft Excel to manage, sort, calculate and present different types of data in a meaningful manner using real world hands-on projects. 



Computer Basics and Windows 10 

Basic writing and reading comprehension of English or Spanish 


Understand the usage and functionality of Microsoft Excel 

Learn to create, edit, format, and print spreadsheets and workbooks 

• Understand cell references (absolute, relative, mixed) 

Learn to analyze, sort, filter and present data using conditional formatting 

Work with the most common Excel functions and formulas. 

Learn to present meaningful insights using data visualization tools such as charts and pivot tables 


Getting started with Microsoft Excel 

Working with excel workbook and worksheets 

➢ Understanding of ribbons and tool bars 

Using templates to create documents 

Formatting excel worksheets 

Performing calculations with most common formulas and functions 

➢ Using relative, absolute, and mixed cell reference 

Visualizing data with Excel charts 

➢ Working with tables 

Importing data to Excel 

Filter data using conditional formatting 

Performing data validation 

➢ Working with useful advanced formulas 

Creating and working with pivot tables 

Data visualization with pivot charts 

Finalizing Excel worksheets to print using page setup and header and footer.