Recommended for any jobs that require strong interpersonal, collaboration, and leadership skills. Ideal for managers, future leaders, graduate recruitment, sales, customer service, and roles that require emotional labor.


  • Emotional perception
  • Emotional understanding
  • Emotion management


Hire Emotionally Intelligent People

Emotional intelligence is a highly coveted skill in today’s innovative workplaces. It can be the single skill that sets high performers apart from others with similar technical skills and knowledge. Emotify helps you find employees with strong emotional intelligence, making it easier for you to hire the best performers using data-driven insights.

Assess for Emotional Intelligence

Hire the right candidates with an ability-based assessment that accurately measures emotional intelligence. With Emotify, you get detailed and objective insight into a candidate’s ability to perceive, understand, and manage emotions. See how well they solve emotional problems and objectively compare results with no influence from self-report or other potential biases.

Measure Emotional Perception

In Matching Faces, the candidate is required to quickly identify the emotion displayed on a person’s face. This requires the candidate to accurately decode emotional signals in facial expressions and select the most appropriate “match” to the emotion on display.

Measure Emotional Understanding

In Emotional Ties, the candidate needs to read a number of everyday situations and predict the types of emotional consequences that may arise as a result of these situations.

Measure Emotion Management

In Emotions in Action, candidates read short scenarios within a connected narrative involving different emotions and select the best response for managing the emotion involved.

Deliver a modern candidate experience

Unlike traditional emotional intelligence tests, Emotify immerses candidates in job-related emotional challenges and scenarios. Being interactive and based on typical work life scenarios, it is job-relevant and offers a modern and engaging experience for candidates. 84% of candidates who completed Emotify said they would recommend that employers use the assessment in recruitment.