Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST)

Recommended for: Truck Drivers, Security Guards, Video Surveillance Workers, Gaming Dealers, Air Traffic Controllers


  • Mental fitness
  • Concentration
  • Attention and focus


Test Description

The Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST) is a short (9-12 minute) test that measures your concentration and ability to sustain focus on one or more tasks while avoiding distractions. The CAST consists of four of the subtests of the MRAB (Divided Attention, Selective Attention: Vigilance, and Selective Attention: Filtering, and Perceptual Reaction Time).

Because of its ability to measure concentration skills, the CAST helps predict employee success in a wide variety of positions — ranging from skilled manufacturing jobs to casino gaming dealers to video surveillance workers. For vehicle (and heavy equipment) operators, there’s a strong correlation between high attention and concentration levels and a low percentage of operator error — so the CAST is also used to help predict job performance for pilots, delivery drivers, and truck and bus drivers.

Top Jobs for the CAST:

  • Truck Drivers — Light or Delivery Services
  • Security Guards
  • Gaming Dealers
  • Video Surveillance Workers
  • Air Traffic Controllers