Recommended for any mid- to high-level jobs that require problem-solving and attention to detail.


  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Verbal knowledge
  • Ability to learn new information


Test Description

Cognify is an award-winning game-based assessment that measures cognitive aptitude, one of the best predictors of job success. By combining innovative game design with proven cognitive assessment methods, Cognify emphasizes a world-class candidate experience that delivers rich insights about each applicant. The assessment features three highly engaging and interactive games that measure a candidate’s ability to solve problems, work with numbers, and correctly interpret and edit written text.

Candidates can take Cognify on any device, and the assessment takes just 15 minutes to complete.

Score Reports

Each candidate is given a percentile ranking to demonstrate how the individual scored in relation to others who have taken the test. An overall percentile is provided, along with percentiles for the three categories of problem solving, numerical reasoning, and verbal knowledge.

Engaging the Candidate

Cognify combines rigorous validation and assessment science with an emphasis on an engaging, brand-positive candidate experience. Game-based assessments, unlike traditional assessments, take more into account than just the correct answer, providing richer insight into a candidate’s strengths and abilities. The fun and immersive games engage candidates and cultivate a positive image for your employer brand.