Career Counseling and Assessment Full Package


  1. Initial Consultation: Futurelink’s career coach will conduct an initial consultation to identify your background, employment barriers, and goals. In this 30 min consultation, our certified career coach will assess and may recommend more comprehensive assessments to evaluate further.  
  2. Based on the initial evaluation, the Futurelink career coach will assign career assessments. One assessment includes the Myers-Briggs Strong Interest Inventory. Other assessments may include basic skills tests or cognitive aptitude tests.  
  3. One-on-one consultation with Futurelink Career Coach to develop an Individual Employment Plan (IEP). During the consultation, the career coach will thoroughly explain the assessment results to the participant & help him/her understand strengths, weaknesses, skills, aptitudes, and interests. In collaboration with the career coach, you will develop realistic and actionable steps to achieve your employment goals. 
  4. Have access to follow-up meetings to ensure the progression and success of the IEP plan