2D Game Programming Level I – Course

//2D Game Programming Level I – Course

2D Game Programming Level I – Course


Course: 2D Game Programming

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2D Game Programming Level I (ages 8-17)

This 2D Game Programming Course has been developed to meet the interests of younger students. In this introductory course, students will learn computer programming concepts and codes to create animation and interactive computer games using Scratch ( a visual programming language developed at MIT) while using their creativity, imagination and fun ideas.

This course: Teaches fundamentals of programming concepts while having fun, Teaches students critical thinking and problem-solving skills, Help kids to improve Computational Skills, Develops Problem-Solving skills at an early age, Helps children become more fluent with Technology

PREREQUISITE: Using Mouse and basic keyboarding skills

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: Getting Started with Scratch Programming Environment, Learn to Make things Move with Motion controls, Learn to Animate the Object with Looks, Color Controls, Learn to Enhance the Animation with pen, and sound effects, Add object interaction with Sensing & detecting controls, simple loops, controls and events, Learn to Debug codes and fix errors.

Cost: $125/month

Duration: 4 weeks

Date: On Going

Location: Corona

Time: Thu: 5:30PM-6:20PM
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