Personality tests evaluate key aspects of an individual’s personality that are pertinent to job performance, such as interaction style and behavioral tendencies. These tests serve as valuable tools for gaining insights into an individual’s interaction styles, personality traits, competencies, preferences, and behavioral tendencies.

Psychometric Personality Assessment

This assessment focuses on assessing basic math and reading abilities. It is designed to evaluate an individual’s cognitive skills in these fundamental areas.

Psychometric Personality and Cognitive Skills

This assessment evaluates basic math and reading abilities while providing insights into cognitive skills, traits, behaviors, and interpersonal dynamics, benefiting personal growth, career planning, and self-improvement.

Customer Service Aptitude
Profile (CSAP)

A personality test for customer service positions, measuring patience, cooperativeness and more.

Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP)

A personality test for sales positions, measuring competitiveness, extroversion, and more.

Criteria Personality Inventory (CPI)

A general personality inventory test based on the Big Five model of personality.

Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA)

An assessment that measures the degree of alignment between a candidate’s work preferences and the environment offeredby the organization.

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