WHY Personality Assessments?

Futurelink’s personality assessments are designed to assess the aspects of a person’s personality with the goal of pinpointing permanent personality “traits”.

Many of our personality assessments are based on the “Big Five”

  1. Agreeableness – How well an individual gets along with others, how cooperative or skeptical they are, and how they might interact within a team.
  2. Conscientiousness – How careful, deliberate, self-disciplined, and organized an individual is. Predictive of employee productivity, particularly in lower-level positions.
  3. Extraversion – How sociable, outgoing, and energetic an individual is. Individuals who score lower on the extraversion scale are considered to be more introverted or more deliberate, quiet, low key, and independent. 
  4. Openness – Extent to which an individual is imaginative and creative, as opposed to down-to-earth and conventional.
  5. Stress Tolerance – Ways in which an individual reacts to stress.


Personality tests are intended to describe aspects of an individual’s character that are relevant to their job performance. While aptitude tests assess whether a job candidate can perform a job, personality tests address the question of whether the candidate will do the job. They assess job fit from a behavioral perspective. Does a candidate have behavioral traits or competencies that are statistically linked to success in this job? Is he/she likely to be happy or comfortable in this role?

Employee Personality Profile (EPP)

A general personality inventory, measuring 12 personality traits that are predictive of a person’s work style.


Get an accurate and targeted picture of your behavior with an adaptive assessment that’s made for work.

Customer Service Aptitude
Profile (CSAP)

A personality test for customer service positions, measuring patience, cooperativeness and more.

Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP)

A personality test for sales positions, measuring competitiveness, extroversion, and more.

Criteria Personality Inventory (CPI)

A general personality inventory test based on the Big Five model of personality.

Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA)

An assessment that measures the degree of alignment between a candidate’s work preferences and the environment offeredby the organization.