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Microsoft Excel Workshop

Microsoft Excel is a Spreadsheet software that allows you to enter, modify and calculate data using formulas and other features of this popular software. This project-based learning workshop will provide students with all the basic to advanced tools and functionalities necessary to create, format and use functional spreadsheets.

PREREQUISITES: Basic understanding of using the computer

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: Customize and manage Excel Environment, Create, open and view a workbook, Create, modify and perform basic calculations in Excel Worksheet, Enter and edit and format data, Save and print worksheets and workbooks, Create formulas and functions, Create charts for your data, Work with Excel templates, Learn about relative, absolute and mixed reference, Working with Links & Graphics, Use conditional formatting and Styles, Using macros, Create and use pivot tables and pivot charts, Auditing Worksheets, Share and protect your worksheets and workbooks.

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Cost: $125

Duration: 2 Days

Date: July 25 & 26

Location: Corona

Time: Wed & Thus: 6PM- 8PM

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