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Industry Exploration Program
for Businesses

Building Skills, Boosting Businesses

Closing the Skills Gap for Businesses

Reduce turnover rates by utilizing our Industry Explorer Program. We provide comprehensive training programs that bridge the skills gap between education and the workforce. With our training programs, we enable businesses to hire highly qualified individuals who are not only ready to work but also possess the necessary skills.

Benefits of Partnering with Us For Businesses


Maximize cost-effectiveness with talent acquisition strategies.


Eliminate training overhead and save valuable resources.


Access well-trained, versatile individuals ready to hit the ground running.


Foster a diverse and highly qualified workforce.


Mitigate hiring risks and increase employee retention.

Industry Explorer Program for Job Seekers

Utilize our efficient and cost-effective solution for your company to access a pool of skilled and ready-to-work individuals. As a result, companies can save money while still getting access to talented individuals who can grow with the company.

Our program offers affordable training and support to develop versatile and job-ready individuals, resulting in cost savings compared to traditional recruitment methods.

Stay ahead with our program by identifying and nurturing high-potential individuals who are poised for success in the industry. Build a strong workforce and prepare for the future.

Access the right talent at the right time with our efficient and flexible solution. Fill specific roles quickly and effectively, meeting unexpected demands and swiftly filling crucial

How Our Program Works

Step 1
Initial Consultation

Utilize our Industry Explorer Program! Identify the position you need filled and what your desired qualifications.

Step 2
Establish A Plan
Contact us and we’ll schedule a meeting where you share your specifications with us.
Step 3
Get Started

We send you a list of qualified and versatile candidates that are best suited for your business!


Futurelink offers training for a diverse range of positions, including roles such as Business Analyst,
Staff Scheduler, Project Manager, IT Technician, and more. Use our “Contact Us” form to learn more!

Participants receive on-the-job training facilitated by experienced individuals and mentors. This hands-on training approach allows them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their respective roles.
To utilize the Industry Explorer Program, simply contact us and provide details about the qualifications and skills you are seeking in an employee. We will match your requirements with suitable candidates who have already undergone training and are ready to contribute to your organization.

Partner with us today to maximize candidate potential!

Once you contact us, a staff member will get back to you in 1-2 business days to schedule an appointment