Bridging The Gap Between Education & Industry

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Bridging The Gap Between Education And Industry



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The gap between education and industry is no secret. Whether you are looking for a job or looking for candidates to hire for your job, you will notice the huge disconnect. Employee retention has been increasingly difficult to keep up and finding a job that you feel good about seems to be twice as hard these days. 

Bridging this gap between education and industry is our core focus to encourage happy employees which, by default, will aid in the progression of successful businesses. 

It is so important to solve the issue we see emerging in the industry, leading people to faster burnout and sooner mid-life crisis’ leading people to wonder what they are doing with their lives.

Nancy Ruano

Career Coach

Sabrina Santos


Neha Arya

Founder & CEO

Emily Griffith

Career Coach

Sanja Kruzevic


Neha Arya

Founder & CEO

The Visionary Of Futurelink

As a technology executive, thought leader, educator, and an entrepreneur, Neha creates innovative solutions to complex challenges customer face and the opportunity to work with diverse cross-functional teams to influence impactful change. She brings a very versatile set of experiences in business, technology and education that has enabled her to build value, enable growth, and create business agility. With over 10 years of strategic project organization and transformation experience, Neha is qualified in leading enterprise-wide programs and strategy to drive results as a change agent. She builds success through defining an inspirational vision, building a well-defined strategy and perseverance in execution.

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