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We’re thrilled to join forces with the Riverside County Workforce Development Center, marking the beginning of our mission to empower unemployed individuals not only in Riverside County, but also across additional counties.

Transforming Workforce Centers

Empower, Optimize, Expand

Empower individuals through a collaborative partnership with Futurelink. Our expertise and data-driven assessment insights enable informed decision making for program development, resource allocation, and targeted strategies. By incorporating our solutions, you can:

Utilizing our assessments and resources can provide valuable data insights to workforce centers, enabling you to make informed decisions about program development, resource allocation, and targeted interventions.

By incorporating our solutions, workforce centers can streamline their processes, improve outcomes, and optimize the utilization of their resources, leading to a more efficient operation overall.

Enable workforce centers with our offerings to broaden their range of services, including career exploration, resume building, interview preparation, and networking assistance, enhancing the support provided to unemployed individuals.

Workforce centers can leverage our solutions to help individuals create personalized career plans based on their strengths, interests, and market demand, fostering a stronger sense of direction and motivation.

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Facilitate Informed Career Decisions

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Empower Individuals

Career Development Solutions

Enhance Workforce Center Services with Comprehensive and Customizable Offerings

Discover a range of comprehensive assessments, personalized guidance, and valuable resources to facilitate informed career decisions. We understand that each community has unique workforce needs, so all our services are customizable and can be tailored to address specific workforce development challenges. Our overarching objective is to ignite positive change for individuals through our tailored support and customized solutions. Here are some of our basic offerings:

Offer individuals the opportunity to engage in in-depth consultations with our certified career counselors, providing a thorough review of their goals.

Access our extensive range of assessments that accurately identify individuals’ skills, motivations, aptitude, and key personality traits, enriching your career guidance services.

Individuals gain expert insights into their assessment results and receive informed advice on suitable career paths working with our certified career counselors.

Utilize our summarized reports and tailored recommendations, generated from the consultation and assessment process, to provide individuals with personalized action plans for their career advancement.


Our services assist workforce centers in optimizing the allocation of their training and aid resources. We focus on ensuring that clients are matched with the appropriate fields and provide Individual Employment Plans (IEPs) to guide their career journey.
We value flexibility in our collaboration with workforce centers. We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each workforce center. We work closely with the center to understand their requirements and develop a collaborative approach that aligns with their objectives.
Our personalized Individual Employment Plans (IEPs) are based on the comprehensive assessment results of each individual. We provide a detailed and summarized report that captures the individual's strengths, skills, and career aspirations. We collaborate with workforce center counselors to develop a tailored plan of actions and recommendations.

Partner with us to Empower Individuals!

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