Easy Christmas Break Experiment

Just a few more days until Christmas! The holiday excitement and memories formed will last for generations to come! But there is often a lot of downtime between the point that our kids are out of school and when relatives will return home. Here is an easy, free activity that is also a fun way to engage your little engineer over the holiday break.

Christmas trees are a big reason why children love the holidays (aside from the presents of course). It is a common custom for families to select a day to obtain the tree and there is almost a sort of celebration surrounding it. We venture out as a family, select a tree, bring it inside, and set it up on display somewhere nice in our homes before we decorate it. However, both real and some artificial trees leave behind pine needles and other debris that creates a daily mess that must be swept or vacuumed. Let’s get together and make some smaller trees with less maintenance and mess but even more imagination.

Gather up your supplies and inspire your kids to create an engineering masterpiece by making a Christmas tree that stands under its own weight with pipe cleaners!


-Green and red pipe cleaners (yes, that’s all!)

CHALLENGE #1: Make a Christmas tree out of green pipe cleaners that is durable and stands on its own. You can make the base large or small but do your best to do it in as few pipe cleaners as possible.

Once you’ve completed one, move on to the next challenge.

CHALLENGE #2: Now that you’ve completed the durability test, let’s see how many ornaments it can hold! Using the red pipe cleaners, create ornaments and hang them without disrupting your tree’s balance! You may use other color pipe cleaners to make ornaments as well.

AMAZING! Look at those fantastic firs bearing all that weight! Only one challenge left…

CHALLENGE #3: In our first activity, we wanted a durable tree that offered stability over height. This time, make a separate tree with green pipe cleaners and see how tall you can make your tree.

Finished? Now take a look at those towering Tannenbaums!

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Happy Holidays!

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