Cognitive Aptitude



Assessments Cognitive aptitude is the strongest predictor of job success, surpassing interviews, experience, and education level. It is twice as predictive as interviews, three times as predictive as experience, and four times as predictive as education. Cognitive aptitude tests assess critical qualities.

Cognitive Skills Test – Basic Math and Reading

A personality assessment that offers valuable insights into individual traits and behaviors. It helps with personal growth, career planning, and improving interpersonal dynamics.

Psychometric Personality and Cognitive Skills

This assessment evaluates basic math and reading abilities while providing insights into cognitive skills, traits, behaviors, and interpersonal dynamics, benefiting personal growth, career planning, and self-improvement.

Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test (UCAT)

A language-independent cognitive aptitude test ideal for international candidates.


Cognify is an immersive, game-based assessment of cognitive aptitude that measures a candidate’s problem solving skills, critical thinking, and verbal knowledge.


An immersive, game-based assessment of cognitive aptitude that is language independent, making it ideal for international candidates.

General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME)

A mobile-first, game-based assessment of cognitive aptitude, one of the best predictors of job performance.


Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA)

A mechanical aptitude test that measures the ability to learn how to operate, maintain, install, and repair equipment and machinery.

Minicog Rapid Assessment Battery (MRAB)

A test created by Harvard psychologists to measure information processing and mental fitness.

Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST)

An attention aptitude test that measures mental fitness, concentration, and the ability to avoid distractions.

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