About Us

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between education and industry.

Our Mission

To inspire success by exposing students of all ages to the value of curiosity, innovation and education. We aim to equip students of all ages with the industry-focused academic, technical, and career-development skills  to be competitive in an ever-changing industry.

Our Story

Futurelink was founded in 2015 out of a concept and a labor of love to bring insights from industry with a hands-on inquiry-based approach, educating young minds in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math). In mid-2016, Futurelink began partnering with the city of Corona and local schools to offer STEAM classes and career development workshops to the local community. In early 2017, Futurelink opened its first store front training center at the Dos Lagos mall in Corona. Since then, Futurelink has continued to expand it’s portfolio and services with unique summer camps, classes, career development workshops, STEAM Clubs and private tutoring sessions. We also have created many unique programs such as our STEAM infused educational Escape Room and Jr STEAM Certification to develop students’ critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills. Our approach is about bringing people, technology, and resources together. Our result focused training that combines critical thinking, problem solving and combination of 8 different learning style sets us apart from our competition.

In 2017, we started partnering with local high schools and community colleges to offer our career development services. Whether our customers are looking to get a new job, obtain a promotion, or excel in a new career, our courses and workshops help prepare them for career success and satisfaction. With our insights of the ever-changing job market, our experts provide trainings in resume building, interview preparation, project management, Microsoft Office, and so much more. Our services ultimately help customers achieve their personal career goals and elevate their position in the job market. We have partnered with industry leaders, schools, cities, and other educational institutions in order to drive our initiatives.

To ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff, we have now adapted to provide our services exclusively online. In these trying times, we are devoted, now more than ever, to inspiring, enabling, and equipping students with the tools and knowledge needed to find solutions to real world problems in a fun and engaging way.

Our Team

Our founder and staff are all subject experts in their fields, and have extensive experience working in education. Our diverse team creates and delivers unique knowledge transfer experiences relevant to the current industry. By creating fun and exciting opportunities to mentor and build the next generation, we have been able to rapidly accelerate the education process, and inspire success.

Neha Arya is the Founder and CEO of Futurelink, Inc., a woman-owned education center located in Corona, CA.  Neha is responsible for conceptualizing and designing an incredible next-generation curriculum for Futurelink that aims to not only accelerate student success but also to bridge the gap between industry and education. Her passion and expertise in the fields of science, education, technology and strong business acumen has enabled Futurelink to be an incredible success story. Neha is driven to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with her community, and beyond through uniquely crafted services that truly inspire, educate and transform. Neha started her career as a technology educator at Fullerton Community College in California and then she worked in the private sector as a technology executive at MaximumBit, Inc where she engaged with major enterprise organizations across the globe on large-scale IT initiatives. Neha brings over 20+ years of experience in coaching, mentoring and inspiring all ages.

Having worked both in the education industry as well as the corporate world, Neha quickly realized the gap between education and industry as well as gender equality challenges in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields. Being passionate about providing encouragement and guidance to women and girls who are seeking to enter STEAM education and careers, Neha decided to start her entrepreneurial journey in 2017 with the launch of Futurelink. Over the past several decades, Neha has perfected her unique craft that brings together industry expertise, leadership, innovation and education to create an entirely different learning experience.

Neha also serves as an executive board member on the Smart Riverside Board, a non-profit coalition of partners driving STEAM literacy, and the iFusionFoundation, a non-profit organization devoted gender equality/women in technology, STEAM education and innovation. In 2018, Neha was nominated as a Rising Star by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). A natural and warm communicator and collaborator, Neha is a community role-model for so many and an inspiration to women entrepreneurs. Neha has also developed strategic partnerships with the City of Corona, local businesses, and various schools within the Corona-Norco Unified school district, to bring innovative STEAM education and career development initiatives throughout the area. As the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Neha helped to raise nearly 100k in computer donations and created a series of support options for parents and kids struggling with distance learning.

Neha, Futurelink

Neha Arya