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Futurelink was founded out of a deep passion and commitment to educating people of all ages in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) subjects. Our founder and staff are all subject experts in their field, and have extensive experience working in education. We are proud of our unique approach to education: we believe that S.T.E.A.M. concepts can be understood best in relation to one another, and we utilize this integrated subject approach in our teaching.

The story of Futurelink actually goes back to the dawn of the information technology age, when the first computers were born and it represented a fundamental change to the world. Among our founders are Silicon Valley technology executives and enthusiasts blessed to be part of this amazing industry and frankly, this “technology revolution” which continues to explode at an astounding pace.

The workforce of the future will absolutely need to have proficiency with computer technologies to be successful.  The S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) initiative is quickly becoming a critical factor for educators.  We decided to create this labor of love we call Futurelink to bring practical industry knowledge in a fun & exciting way for the next generation and help bridge industry with education.

Futurelink, Inc. is a leading technology training company and STEAM PlayZone for ages 6-12 years.  At Futurelink, we believe technology literacy is the key to success for the future.  Futurelink is incredibly excited to bring this ground breaking vision to life.  We are focused on inspiring and enabling students of ages 6+ to embrace the technology/STEAM revolution through our unique approach bringing fun, excitement, and simplicity together.  Our one of a kind indoor STEAM PlayZone is a perfect combination of education and fun where kids of age 6-12 can explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math related hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations.

Our Mission at Futurelink is to help bridge the gap between industry and education with a practical and real-world perspective. At Futurelink, we believe that in today’s technology/STEM dominated era, learning computer skills at an early age is not only a smart idea but also an essential skill for children. We believe by enabling practical training and exposure from an industry perspective with not only help our schools and educational institutes but also it will prove to be vital to those entering the workforce now or  those already in the workforce looking to become a part of this multi-billion dollar industry.

The Challenge is that technology changes at an incredible pace and the industry requires practical skills not theoretical concepts. As such, technology education simply cannot be delivered like traditional math or language classes and this is the biggest challenge for our schools and educators. The result is a huge gap between industry needs and what education can give to students.

We Believe the answer to resolving the gap is not new computers, faster internet or high tech classrooms but unique and practical knowledge transfer from those that actually work in the industry to students of all ages. By creating fun & exciting opportunities to mentor and build the next generation, we are able to rapidly accelerate the education process and inspire success.

Our Approach is about bringing the people, technology and resources and together that shape the industry directly with students to deliver an entirely different and “to the point” education experience. We are technologists who own multiple tech companies including global cloud services, technology investments, software development, next generation cloud, virtualization, professional services and more. Futurelink was created as a labor of love to bring those insights directly to drive success with students. We partner with school and other educational institutes to bring needed help for the future workforce. Our team of knowledge experts are technology consultants, engineers, architects, and business leaders etc. who create and deliver unique knowledge transfer experiences relevant to industry.

Why Futurelink?

  • Founded by technology consultants and trainers who understand the industry and technology demands.
  • Real-World project based classes and hands-on training that will help you be successful in your school, college or future workforce.
  • Microsoft Certified and subject expert instructors who bring training and learning in an innovative, interactive, and fun way.
  • Fun and exciting course curriculums prepared for ages 6+.Simple, short and “to the point” knowledge transfer sessions Computer courses.
  • A one-of-a-kind innovation called STEM PlayZone that exposes children to STEM subjects in a fun and interactive way.
  • An approved vendor for:
    • City of Corona
    • Temescal Valley Elementary
    • Inspire Charter Shools
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