Three Signs it’s Time for a Tutor

Often students see failure as insurmountable, but with a little help, your student can overcome any challenge. The warning signs below can help you determine if your student needs a tutor.

1. Lack of Progress:

Does your student have missing assignments piling up? Do they not understand the material, no matter what you try? If so, then it might be time to get a tutor to help fill in those gaps, so your student can progress at an appropriate pace.

2. Homework Trouble:

Is your student drowning in their unorganized folders? Do they have breakdowns when doing their homework? Are they disengaged to the point that they avoid doing homework at all? Consider hiring a tutor to help your student’s engagement and organizational skills.

3. Diminished Self-Esteem and Lost of Interest:

Does your student feel like they can’t even start or shouldn’t even try? Do they often say things like I can’t do that, I’m not good at that, I’ll never be good? If so, your student is struggling with their ability to overcome their challenges. Tutors can help students face those challenges and see the struggle as part of the journey to a full education. Tutors can help students understand their learning style and how to adapt it to their studying and education.

I need a tutor. What now?

Well, Futurelink offers some premier tutors, and not just tutors, but mentors. Futurelink’s fantastic tutors will assess your student’s abilities and identify strengths and weaknesses. Our staff will put in every effort for your student to see real progress in their goals and inspire confidence in their skills. Mentors can even help students with organizational skills and learning crucial skills like self-advocating. Futurelink’s mentors are also able to advise and assist students as they prepare for college applications.

If you’re ready to take those next steps to support your student’s education, Futurelink is here. We can’t wait to help reinstill your student’s confidence in their academic abilities or help your student prepare for college with our proven track record. Take our free initial assessment for your personalized tutoring strategy today! We’re excited to hear from you!

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