Discovering Potential

Creating Opportunities

Full circle solutions that identify individual potential, skills, motivations, aptitude and more!

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For Businesses

Gain valuable insights into the abilities and characteristics of job candidates, helping businesses make better-informed hiring decisions and identify candidates with the potential to excel in certain roles

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For Education

Help students make informed decisions about their future careers. Understand unique strengths and interests and connect them with potential careers that align with those qualities.


For Individuals

Take a comprehensive look into your abilities, interests, and potential. Make informed decisions about your future and confidently navigate the job market to find the right career fit and set yourself up for your future.

Addressing The Challenges Facing the Workforce

The gap between education and industry has created a number of challenges for the economy and workforce as a whole. One of the biggest challenges is the high number of employees who are unhappy in their jobs, leading to high turnover rates and increased recruitment costs for employers.

This can make it difficult for companies to build meaningful teams and keep talented employees. Additionally, the education system often fails to prepare students for the jobs of the future, resulting in a skills gap that leaves many workers ill-equipped for the demands of the modern workforce.


Of employees have entirely changed their careers, switching to new industries and different roles.


Of employees would stay at their company longer if they felt that their employers invested in their careers.


Of employees say professional development contributes to their job satisfaction, a major factor in retention


Of employees want specific courses recommendations geared toward helping them reach their professional goals.

Bridging The Gap Between Education And Industry

At Futurelink, we understand the root cause of these challenges and have developed solutions to address them. We offer a range of assessments and programs that can help individuals understand their strengths and passions, and match them with the right career opportunities. Additionally, we work closely with employers to identify key areas of skills gap and provide training and development to bridge that gap, which helps to retain and attract top talent. 

Our unique approach of bridging the gap between education and industry, allows us to provide a more comprehensive view of the job market and give businesses a better understanding of how to find and retain top talent. Furthermore, we helps to prepare students for the jobs of the future, and giving them the skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce.


Inspiring Excellence and Growth

Delivering Results That Matter

Achieve Goals

Without our career development services, acquire actionable steps.

Self Discovery

Develop insight on your work values, personality, and interests.

Maximize Potential

Receive industry focused advice from mentors and career coaches.

Reduce Turnover

Let our assessments help guide your hiring team to make effective hiring decisions.

Boost Productivity

Making the right hiring decisions equals happy productive employees.

Discover Potential

Knowing your employee's strengths and weaknesses puts you at a hiring advantage

Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST)

Measures the basic math and verbal skills that are required to succeed in a wide variety of entry-level jobs. The test measures basic grammar, spelling, math, and language skills.

Myer-Briggs Strong Interest Inventory Test

Helps individuals identify their work personality by exploring their interests in six broad areas. It then ranks the individual’s top 5 or 10 most compatible occupations from a list of 260 specific jobs.

Employee Personality Profile (EPP)

Measures twelve personality traits that provide valuable insights into a person’s work styles and how they are likely to interact with co-workers, management and customers.

Personality and Aptitude Assessments

We believe that career success is built on aligning passions, skills, and motivations with the right opportunity. That’s why we offer a variety of assessments that provide valuable insights into abilities and characteristics for all of our audiences. 

Our assessments cover a wide range of areas, including cognitive abilities, behavioral characteristics, skills, and integrity.

Futurelink assessments bridge the gap between education and industry, providing valuable insights and solutions for individuals, businesses and the education industry to navigate the job market and find the right career fit.

1. Discover Unique Strengths

2. Provide Comprehensive Insights

3. Align Potential With Opportunities

4. Give Direction And Motivation

5. Leverage Natural Talents

6. Close Skill Gaps

7. Build Strong, Effective Teams

8. Reduce Hiring/ Recruitment Costs

9. Increase Retention And Satisfaction

10. Make More Informed Decisions

Futurelink Explorer Program

The Futurelink Explorer Program is designed to identify and develop individuals who have the potential and aptitude to excel in a specific field. We work closely with individuals and corporations to provide a unique opportunity for those looking to break into a new field. By partnering with major organizations, we are able to help individuals with potential and aptitude get their foot in the door with companies that they otherwise may not have the experience or skills to obtain. Our proactive approach includes identifying individuals with potential and aptitude, bringing them in, and taking care of the training and growth plan, making it more beneficial for the company to hire them.

Our Most Recent Collaboration

Futurelink is always working on better ways to serve you. We are proud to announce our most recent partnership with the Riverside County Workforce Development Centers, to provide personality and aptitude assessments to empower unemployed individuals to seek fulfilling careers and get them back in the workforce.

Working with all 5 locations for your convenience:

  • Blythe WDC
  • Hemet AJCC WDC
  • Indio AJCC WDC
  • Riverside AJCC WDC
  • Moreno Valley Business & Employment Resource Center

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Our Customer's Feedback

"After taking my Strong Interest Inventory and getting an interpretation of my results, I realize what occupation I should consider. It was so insightful for me!"

"Futurelink and their career assessment program really helped me gain a sense of direction for my future. Not only was taking the Strong Interest Inventory assessment a good way to gain insight on what careers work for me, the guidance from Neha was great. From this I was able to make decisions about my future, and narrow my options. Through this process I learned more about myself in a way never before. She's truly wonderful and I cannot thank her enough!"
-Aanya V

"Took the Resume Building Workshop as well as the Interview Workshop and I was called to start at 3 places that I interviewed for"